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The RNCI Red Nation Awards

27th Season

Produced by Red Nation Films

Congratulations to this year’s nominees and official selections, we are proud to showcase another year of cinematic excellence. #WhoTellsTheStoryMatters #NativesInChargeOfTheirNarrative

Congratulations to the RNIFF 2022 award winners!

This year’s IN PERSON festival and Awards Ceremony proclaimed a full on return to theaters – and it was irresistible, ceremonial in the highest regard to Who Tells the Story Matters. The RNIFF is not over yet, we continue with online screenings and events; filmmaker conversations, Q&As, red carpet photos and exclusive interviews with the stars and filmmakers here.

Join us in celebrating the RNCI Red Nation Award WINNERS

And the Nominees Are:

Best Picture

  • On Sacred Ground – WINNER
  • A Love Song
  • Seven Ridges
  • A Winter Love

Achievement in Directing

  • On Sacred Ground: Rebecca Tickell, Josh Tickell – WINNER
  • A Love Song:  Max Walker-Silverman
  • Seven Ridges: Antonio Coello
  • A Winter Love: Rhiana Yazzie

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

  • Irene Bedard for On Sacred Ground
  • Rhiana Yazzie for A Winter Love
  • Kerry Knuppe for On Sacred Ground – WINNER
  • Darleen Romero Torres for Seven Ridges
  • Lidia Ibarra for Seven Ridges

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in Leading Role

  • Wes Studi for A Love Song – WINNER

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in Supporting Role

  • David Midthunder for On Sacred Ground – WINNER
  • Che Jim for On Sacred Ground

Best Documentary Feature

  • Powerlands – WINNER
  • The Doctrine of Recovery
  • Bring Her Home – WINNER
  • Okpik: Little Village in the Arctic
  • Oyate

Best Live Action

  • Mirror Man
  • Burros – WINNER
  • Dead Bird Hearts
  • Classique
  • Pehin
  • This Is Who I Am / Mii Maanda Iyaawayaa
  • The Red Orchid

Best Documentary Short

  • Cara Romero: Following the Light – WINNER
  • Saging the World
  • Faces From The Interior
  • Conviction
  • Without Water
  • Imalirijit
  • HERD
  • Rosalie Fish

Best Animated Short

  • I am the Warrior – WINNER
  • Soli Bula
  • Wâhkôhtowin | All My Relations
  • The Jungle Tale – “An Ordinary Life Until…”
  • Premonition: On the Eve of Signing Treaty 6

Best Television Series

  • Dark Winds – WINNER
  • Reservation Dogs – WINNER
  • LA Brea
  • Alaska Daily
  • Spirit Rangers
  • Ghosts

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama, Comedy, Limited Series

  • Grace Dove for Alaska Daily
  • Paulina Alexis – Reservation Dogs – WINNER
  • Devery Jacobs for Reservation Dogs
  • Tonantzin Carmelo for LA Brea
  • Jessica Matten for Dark Winds

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, Comedy, Limited Series

  • Zahn McClarnon for Dark Winds
  • Kiowa Gordon for Dark Winds – WINNER
  • D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai for Reservation Dogs
  • Lane Factor for Reservation Dogs

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, Comedy, Limited Series

  • Tonantzin Carmelo for LA Brea
  • Crystle Lightning for Ghosts
  • Sarah Podemski for Reservation Dogs – WINNER
  • Jana Schmieding for Reservation Dogs
  • Jennifer Podemski for Reservation Dogs
  • Irene Bedard for Alaska Daily

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama, Comedy, Limited Series

  • Román Zaragoza for Ghosts
  • Gary Farmer for Reservation Dogs – WINNER
  • Wes Studi for Reservation Dogs
  • Dallas Goldtooth for Reservation Dogs
  • Zahn McClarnon for Reservation Dogs

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance

Spirit Rangers

  • Talon Proc Alford – WINNER
  • Roman Zaragoza
  • Cree Summer
  • Wes Studi
  • Tantoo Cardinal
  • Michelle Bardach

Red Nation Honors

  • The Courage Award – Jen Martel: Oyate
  • The Film Consultant Award – Larry ‘Bear” Wilson: Burros
  • The Misty Upham Award – Kali Reis: Catch The Fair One

Lifetime Achievement Award

Wes Studi

The Film Consultant Award

Larry ‘Bear’ Wilson

Misty Upham Award

Kali Reis

The Courage Award

Jen Martel

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