(left to right) White Mountain Apache Crown Dancer, Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr., Rebecca Brando, Scott Cooper, Sacheen Littlefeather, Christian Bale.

(left to right) White Mountain Apache Crown Dancer, Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr., Rebecca Brando, Scott Cooper, Sacheen Littlefeather, Christian Bale. 

About the Red Nation Celebration Institute

The first and largest National Native-led enterprise – Founded 1995 in Santa Fe New Mexico during Indian Market. Red Nation Celebration Institute is the longest standing American Indian & Indigenous multidisciplinary educational Arts & Cultural federally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in Los Angeles CA.
Red Nation Celebration Institute the Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Nations, led by Native-women to increase visibility of independent filmmakers, media artists and content creators amplifying cinematic excellence with an emphasis on initiatives for Native women, girls and youth in all media platforms and educational institutions, in conjunction with partners from around the world.
Joanelle Romero is Founder/President/CEO of Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI). Joanelle coined #NativesInChargeOfTheirNarrative #WhyWeWearRED. RNCI is dedicated to changing the narrative about Native peoples on a global scale. Joanelle built the Red Nation Celebration Institute, now in its 25th year 2020; to cast light on the voices, stories, contributions and assets of contemporary Native peoples in replacing dangerous stereotypes that Native peoples face in media and academia with a 25 year history of cohesive research-informed strategies, ground-breaking initiatives, though cinematic excellence, media and strong focus on partnerships.
BRANDS under its parent organization Red Nation Celebration Institute
Red Nation Television Network
Red Nation International Film Festival
Red Nation Awards
Native Women in FILM and Television
On the Red is Green Carpet
Native Youth Matter If I Can See It I Can Be It
RNCI the pioneer resource center for the Entertainment Industry and Indian Country in all media platforms, dedicated to bringing Native American content and the arts to mainstream media by successfully replacing American Indian stereotype with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and economic prosperity by placing American Indian at the forefront of the entertainment industry, promoting a better understanding among the general public regarding American Indian and Alaska Native people and to introduce American Indian to a larger, global mainstream audience while promoting strong tribal-federal government-to-government policies and relations between the American Indian community and the entertainment industry.
Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) established to present contemporary and traditional American Indian performing arts of diverse artistic disciplines. To encourage understanding of cultural traditions, performing arts, preservation, and the advancement of American Indian, Alaska Native and Indigenous Nations.
RNCI the Authentic Voice of American Indian and Indigenous storytellers, our VISION is in promoting, advancing, advocating and empowering independent film and filmmakers, media artists and content creators in all media platforms.
The PURPOSE is to provide ongoing avenues for the exploration and presentation of contemporary and traditional American Indian performing arts: to educate the public on aspects of American Indian cultural and artistic expression; to educate and inform the music and film industries on new talent within the American Indian community; to provide youth with educational and vocational opportunities related to the music and entertainment industry; and to introduce American Indian artists to larger, global mainstream audiences.
This cultural exchange is to empower the voice of American Indian youth and women on/off the reservations as well as urban American Indian communities.
Red Nation Celebration Institute has changed American society with its continued on-going programs in the arts, media, social justice, civic engagement, economic empowerment, education, health, research, training and international relations.
Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) was established out of a direct need. RNCI has its first roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, produced during the famous Indian Market (1995); RNCI pioneered the music movement during Indian Market. In 1995 there wasn’t any contemporary American Indian music being performed. In 2005, Red Nation launched the music scene on the Plaza during Indian Market in week-end Santa Fe NM and now native music is being performed on the plaza. In 1995, RNCI moved to Los Angeles to be produced during the most important weeks of the music industry “The Grammy Awards Week.” In 2003, Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series” became an “Official Grammy Event” and went on to become Red Nation Celebration’s “Signature” Event.
RNCI Brands Entites include Red Nation International Film Festival The Authentic Voice of American Indina & Indigenous Cinema (est. 2003), Native Women in FILM & Television (est. 1996), Red Nation Television Network and online streaming entertainment network (est. 2006) and Native Youth Matter If I Can See It I Can Be It (est. 1995).

“Red Nation Celebration Institute is honored and proud to work with strong leaders in our Native communities across Indian Country, as well as Indigenous directors, producers, writers, actors and crew, fostering the next generation of leaders and media talent. Our fundamental foundation remains the uniting of content creators within Indian Country –– amplifying Native Voices as we do –– to bring our people a greater visibility to the entertainment industry and the world at large.”

–– Joanelle Romero, Founder/President, RNCI #Sustainability #RepresentationMatters

For more information: www.rednationcele.org

Red Nation Celebration Institute Board of Directors
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RNCI Board of Directors

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