World Premiere

DOCUMENTARY SHORT | United States | 13 MINUTES | Hopi

Almost Ancestors

The short tells the story of a young Hopi woman facing displacement in a changing landscape, threatening her connection to the land and her family. However, her kinship with a Lobo and her call toward community guide her on an incredible journey to a sacred place called “home.”

The film tells the story of her journey, the displacement of Tribal people and Lobos, and the parallels between the two.

The film will be in the Hopi language, with English and Spanish subtitles, and filmed in Arizona, where a Hopi cultural advisor on set will ensure the cultural accuracy of the story. The idea behind the film is to use the power of motion pictures to educate viewers on the displacement of Lobos and indigenous cultures and inspire them to help alter the ramifications of history.


Directed by Brišind

Brišind has won various awards, from the City of Albuquerque to the TokyoInternational Film Festival. His short film, “Not In Our Name,” about the significance of the grizzly bear in Tribal cultures, is one of the only films ever to be entered into the Congressional Record of the United States.

Rain’s films “Somebody’s Daughter” and “Say Her Name” unravel many causes through the voices of family members who’ve lost loved ones and are demanding justice. They shed light on the history of violence towards Tribal women and relatives, a history that began with overt colonial violence and has become embedded in pervading racist thought and indifference, complicated today even more so by a maze of jurisdictions and legal loopholes.

Brišind’s films have been featured in “Oprah Magazine” on the “Dr. Phil Show” and on the highest-rated talk radio show in North America, “Coast-to-Coast AM.” In addition to filmmaking, he is a bestselling author.

Hip-hop pioneer, actor, and cultural icon, Ice-T, describes Brišind as “part poet, part prophet, and all truth-teller.” Brišind is an award-winning film director and author. The President of the International Romani Union (IRU), Zoran Dimov, describes Brišind as “one of our great Roma authors.” Brišind identifies as Roma (Kalderash, Manouche, and Romanichal tribal heritage) and has been included in popular lists of “notable Romani people.”




Georgia Lightning




Sheila Hollow Horn

Program Two


Thursday, November 10

Screening: 9:00 to 10:30pm

Q&A With Filmmakers
Brišind, Sheila Hollow Horn

Lumiere Music Hall

9036 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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