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1. Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) is tax deductible. RNCI is a 501(C)(3) organization and the longest standing Native Arts & Culture Organization in The City of Los Angeles, Est. 1995.

2. Red Nation International Film Festival (RNIFF) is a program of RNCI.  RNIFF is the premier American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival, bringing you the best in Native cinema. RNIFF  is the largest Native film festival in the country and was the first Native film festival in Los Angeles. RNIFF routinely secures top Native films and is dedicated to increasing the visibility of American Indian and Indigenous storytellers and artists in the entertainment landscape.

3. RNCI Red Nation Awards is “Hollywood’s Biggest Night for American Indian & Indigenous Voices™” honors accomplishments of Independent Motion Pictures, Documentaries, Shorts, Television, Comedy and Music which are produced, directed, written, and or starring American Indians. Honorees include individuals who have made advancements in film, radio, television, comedy, media and social justice.

4. Native Women in Film & Television and Film Festival is a program of RNCI. a Resource for Native Women’s Rights, is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for American Indian & Indigenous women, encouraging the creative narrative by native women, exploring and empowering portrayals of women in all forms of global media, expanding empowerment initiatives for native women and girls, in the arts, media, social justice, civic engagement, economic empowerment, research, training and international relations. For more information:

5. Red Nation Television Network Red Nation Television Network. Native is Here. Your #1 Source from the Native Perspective. News. Movies. Original Series. Founded in 2006. Red Nation Television Network, a pioneering global media company. The first online streaming entertainment media company distributed TV Channel exclusively devoted to American Indian and World Indigenous content. Reaching 10 million viewers in 37 countries.

6. Native Youth Matter – If I Can See It I Can Be It, Initiative. RNIFF has screened over 300+ native youth films over the last 17 years, bringing you the next generation of emerging filmmakers. Our partners 2016 is Institute of American Indian Arts (I.A.I.A.) For more information:

A nonprofit is only as strong as the people who lead and support it. At Red Nation Celebration Institute, we have an dynamic team and community that is committed to supporting our cause and is dedicated to breaking the barrier of racism by successfully replacing American Indian stereotype with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and economic prosperity by placing American Indian Filmmakers at the forefront of the entertainment industry and to introduce American Indian Filmmakers to larger, global mainstream audiences while championing Native Women in Film & Television and giving voice and inspiring native youth with our dedicated program Native Youth Matter™ – If I Can See It I Can Be It™. Our donors include: Entertainment Industry, Foundations, Corporations, local government leaders and members of our community.

Our Founder and Executive Director of 42+ years has an established career in the entertainment industry. As of June 2016, RNCI founder became one of the first Native women to be invited as a lifetime member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the first Native filmmaker short-listed for an Oscar and is the longest standing Native American member of Screen Actors Guide.

The support we receive from our donors is truly the heart of Red Nation Celebration Institute. We can not do this work without YOU! A crucial factor in the success of donor cultivation is the strong interpersonal relationships amongst the development and administrative staff within the organization. We work closely to create a streamlined process that makes appreciation strategies seamless.

Additionally, we have a dedicated Board of Directors that support our fundraising efforts and participate in various activities to ensure that all of our donors experience high-quality interactions that foster long-term engagement and investment. RNCI Board of Directors 

The donors of Red Nation Celebration Institute not only provide financial backing, but also a source of steady, passionate support for our cause. They benefit by having an opportunity to help promote a cause they believe in with an organization they value and trust. By showing our supporters how much we appreciate them we hope to greatly bolster the affinity they feel towards supporting the organization and our cause.

Another element in Donor Relations is reporting on the impact of gifts. We have implemented systems and methods of delivery for demonstrating fiscal accountability by recognizing the prudent investment, sending reports to share gift allocation and conveying ongoing appreciation. This helps the organization appear more transparent, which can positively influence the likelihood that donors will support us in the future.

Lastly, we work continuously to remain attuned to the changes of the nonprofit sector and we make changes and adjustments to be sure that the organization is maintaining a commitment to the best nonprofit practices.

Any donation is taxdeductible.

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