Red Nation International Film Festival & Awards Show


The Red Nation Celebration Institute Media Group is a diverse collective of non-profit and for-profit entities that share a commitment to inclusion, diversity, independent expression, and to the natural environment in and for American Indian & Indigenous Nations, U.S. and Internationally.

RED NATION CELEBRATION INSTITUTE (RNCI) these are all firsts for the entertainment industry and Native Indigenous communities since 1995.

  • RNCI founded the first Native Indigenous Film Festival in Los Angeles. Red Nation International Film Festival – held annually in November, includes year-round film labs
  • RNCI founded the American Indian Heritage Month in the city/county of Los Angeles and in the State of New Mexico.
  • RNCI created the first ‘On the Red is Green Carpet’, putting American Indian Celebrities in the forefront of the film & television industries.
  • RNCI founded the first and only Native Women in Film & Television in All Media organization.
  • RNCI founded the first and only Native Women in Film & Television in All Media Film Festival in the World, held during Oscar week
  • RNCI founded the first streaming media company; Native Indigenous Television Network, A Global Streaming Company Red Nation Television Network – predating Netflix or any other network.
  • RNCI founded the first Native Indigenous Award Show –  RNCI Red Nation Awards, broadcast and streams in November, annually.
  • RNCI created the only “The Red Nation Statuette,” Red Nation Film Award of Excellence, For the very first time in the history of American film, Native actors, filmmakers, and producers have a coveted award equivalent to the well known “Oscar”.  It symbolizes exceptional achievement and filmmaking excellence.
  • RNCI founded the only Native Indigenous Press Conference, held on Indigenous Peoples Day – announcing Nominees of the Red Nation International Film Festival
  • RNCI founded ‘The Conversation Series” from the Native perspective
  • RNCI founded the first and only American Indian Holocaust Memorial.
  • RNCI produced the first and only American Indian parade/downtown in the City of Los Angeles.
  • RNCI founded and produces Native Indigenous Student Academy for Cinematic Arts, includes student film festival, film labs and mentorship program.
  • RNCI founded and produces Native Youth Matter If I Can See It I Can Be It.
  • RNCI founded RNCI Crew – a pathway that focuses on entry-level, below-the-line opportunities for Native and Indigenous talent.
  • RNCI founded Native Film Commission in the State of California.
  • RNCI founded Native Film Commision in the State of New Mexico.
  • RNCI founded  ‘On the Road’ Film Festival in Santa Fe NM,  New York City NY, Washington D.C.
  • RNCI founded and produces a contemporary & traditional American Indian music Concert Series, held during Grammy week.
  • RNCI founded and produces the only Monthly Film Series.
  • RNCI created the first & only American Indian music radio program in Los Angeles.
  • RNCI created the only American Indian Film Preservation Foundation
  • RNCI founded Native Studies Center at USC
  • RNCI founded Native Film Market

Standing Rock & Beyond

STANDING ROCK started with Native YOUTH when they were invited to lead the First Indigenous Women RISE March held Red Nation International Film Festival in Los Angeles – November 2015 and went on to organize the run to Washington DC to speak out against the Dakota Access pipeline. Native Youth Woke the World to Standing Rock & Beyond. Supported by our WOMEN, backed by our ELDERS & ANCESTORS.

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