Equality and Inclusion Statement

BOARD RESOLUTION for Red Nation Celebration Institute Board of Directors

On Oct 6, 2021, the Board of Directors of Red Nation Celebration Institute joined in discussion and drafting of an updated statement of Equity, and Inclusion. Based on approval by 9 Board Members, Red Nation Celebration Institute hereby executes the following Resolution: Whereas, Red Nation Celebration Institute is dedicated to breaking barriers of racism by creating systemic change through media and pop culture to eliminate Native American stereotypes;

Whereas, an intentional statement is desired to publicly demonstrate our commitment to seeking of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through our work;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board of Directors of the Red Nation Celebration Institute has discussed and hereby authorizes the following official statement to guide our work:

Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) has built a strong reputation worldwide for honesty and integrity by consistently operating with high standards.

Preserving the trust of our stakeholders is the responsibility of every individual associated with our organization. This Code of Conduct outlines the common values and commitment needed to promote the highest possible standards of professional business acumen.

RNCI administers its business through core values of integrity, trust, diversity, partnership, and performance. By adopting and enforcing this Code, along with Privacy Policy, Non-Discrimination Policy and No Fraud

Policy, RNCI seeks to maintain and enhance our reputation and that of our participants and industry.

RNCI provides continuous support to its members, locals, the global labor movement, industry allies, advocacy groups and communities that share similar core visions and values. Our efforts ensure equity and inclusion as a way of moving the entertainment industry towards a diverse and accurate reflection of our true American Scene.

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