December 12, 2020

Red Nation Celebration Concert Series: Artists in Solidarity for Systemic Change Through the Arts


Music Has The Power To Bring Us All Together

Join us for a global musical experience benefiting the 25th Anniversary of Red Nation Celebration Institute and its year round programs. RNCI is the longest standing Native Arts & Cultural non-profit in Los Angeles, RNCI has been forging the path to amplify the Native Narrative since 1995.

Featured Artists & Speakers & Statements 

Joe Walsh, Jennifer Warnes, Joanne Shenandoah, Cary Morin, Hook Herrera, Tony Gilkyson, Joanelle Romero, Ronee Blakley, Richard T Bear, Sky Seals, Vince Fontaine of  Eagle & Hawk, Michael Greyeyes, Bruce Sugar, Shari Belafonte, Susan Masten, Theda Newbreast, Jacqueline A Garcia, Congresswoman Deb Haaland, Tatanka Means, many more TBA 


Joanelle Romero and Chance Lee Rush

Help RNCI raise its Goal of $75,000.   

With your support you will change a youth’s life with our Native Youth Matter program

With your support a group of people lives will be different with our year-round programs 

With your support the world will change because they will have learned about the Native Narrative 

Give $50 and receive a RNIFF tshirt and get into the VIP Zoom Room Experience 


Contribute Any Amount to Support RNCI Year-Round Programs.

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