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|  1h 41m

LA Premiere | Suspense, Thriller, Drama | Canada

At the heart of our story is 17-year-old Derrick, a young man whose character arc begins with a boy who is fully dependent on his grandmother and his sister. Derrick’s sister, Lakota, is living an at-risk lifestyle dealing drugs for an all-woman gang. When she suddenly disappears, Derrick sets out to find her. Along the way, he faces racism, police brutality and his own lack of confidence. With guidance from his spirit animal, he is able to continue his journey with renewed strength and resolve, eventually facing his sister’s abductor in a thrilling fight to the death.

Director (s) Daniel Foreman 

Cast Joel Oulette, Chris Pereira, Roni House Gauthier, Olivia Kate Iatridis

Writer Daniel Foreman

Producer Sharlene Millang


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