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The Final Report of the National Inquiry reveals that persistent and deliberate violations and abuses of human and Indigenous rights are the primary cause of Canada’s alarming rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQ people. Change is needed, and it is needed now. Interwoven with the artistic process of creating a bronze statue, this film is a journey from the distant past, when indigenous women were the leaders of their communities, to the present day, in 2020, when, for the first time in history, First Nation, municipal, territorial, and federal governments came together to make change. Yukon has taken the leading role within Canada with the monumental task of implementing the MMIWG2S+ Strategy. It was determined that commemoration is a small but crucial step in building a better future.


Directed by Lancelot Burton, Agnieszka Pajor

Lancelot is an artist: a musician with many years of experience on stage, a painter, and a filmmaker. Born in British Columbia and having spent most of his life in the far north of Canada, the Yukon Territory, Lancelot’s heritage is Mushkego or western Swampy Cree, and from a young age, he witnessed the injustices faced by First Nations people.

At 25, Lancelot co-founded the Youth of Today Society, with the goal of providing a safe space for at-risk Indigenous youth. Their initiatives encompassed various artistic forms such as music, wall painting, photography, video, and writing.

Lancelot also played a pivotal role in establishing and co-producing the Blue Feather Music Festival, Canada’s largest indigenous rock music event in the north, emphasizing health, peace, and wellness.

In 2018, Lancelot founded Shakat Media, now a thriving corporation within the film industry, specializing in documentary filmmaking. The focus is on impactful documentaries, providing him and his team with a platform to expand their creative expression and talent.

As an artist with extensive experience in music, painting, and filmmaking, Lancelot’s journey has been dedicated to empowering Indigenous people, advocating for their voices, and creating positive change within their communities. The path has been challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, and he is excited about the future’s opportunities for growth and impact.

Agnieszka Pajor is a remarkable individual whose passion for photography has driven her journey in documentary filmmaking. Graduating from the National Film School in Poland with a major in documentary photography in 2009, she quickly established herself as a talented visual storyteller. Her dedication to capturing the essence of life through her lens was evident from the very beginning of her career.

In 2010, Agnieszka embarked on a new chapter in her life by immigrating to Canada. In 2018 she co-founded Shakat Media Inc., a company committed to creating impactful documentaries. It’s here that her talents truly flourished as she poured her heart and passion into her work, combining her photographic expertise with new filmmaking skills.

Agnieszka’s extensive portfolio includes a diverse range of subjects, showcasing her ability to document people in their environments. From capturing the daily lives of farmers in Poland to freezing moments of musicians on stage, artists at work, and politicians in action, her photographic work reflects a deep understanding of human experiences. Notably, she has also focused on Indigenous communities, offering a unique perspective into their worlds through her lens. Her ability to connect with her subjects and tell stories through both photography and filmmaking is a testament to her remarkable talent and dedication.


Lancelot Burton, Agnieszka Pajor


Lancelot Burton, Agnieszka Pajor


Lancelot Burton, Agnieszka Pajor



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