Four Souls of Coyote

Billed as an epic adventure based on a Native American creation myth, the film highlights the increasingly pressing need to live in harmony with the environment — before it is too late.

Set in the present day, Native Americans confront the crew of an oil pipeline project, just down the hill from the land of their ancestors. The grandfather evokes the ancient tale of their Creation myth, reminding all of us that the challanges facing humanity are universal, and we need to find our place in the great circle of creatures. Through adventures filled with animals, magic, hunger, greed and the sacred circle of all creations, the story gives us hope that humans can correct our course and preserve our species’ existence on Earth.

The film is created and directed by Áron Gauder who made a splash on the global animation scene with his feature debut, The District!, which was a favorite at festivals, screening at Toronto and picking up awards at Zagreb, Ottawa, Krok, Sitges, Kiev, Seoul and Annecy, where it won the Cristal for Feature Film.

The film’s primary aim is to offer a cinematic escape for audiences, presenting a magical world inspired by Native American folklore that takes us back to the wonders of life. The animated retelling of Coyote’s universal creation myth is teamed with messages about sustainability and shared responsibility.

Aimed at audiences of all ages, the project makes use of 2D and 3D, paintings and drawings created by Gauder himself. The film’s music was selected from authentic Native American songs.

“Stepping into the wonders of the tribal universe with the blending of the highest form of artistic storytelling, the Four Souls of Coyote is a gift to the wonders of humanity and the mystery of tribal people.” /Charles Cambridge, PhD, University of Colorado, enrolled member of the Navaho Tribe/


Directed by Aron Gauder

Graduated from Moholy-Nagy University, Budapest and the Universität der Künste, Berlin. Áron is a director and scriptwriter, has won numerous awards including the Cristal Award of Annecy International Animated Film Festival with his feature length animated film The District!. He also directs documentaries and is an Associate Professor at Metropolitan University.


Aron Gauder


Réka Temple


Áron Gauder, Géza Bereményi

Key Cast

Lorne Cardinal, Diontae Black, Danny Kramer, Stephanie Novak, Priscilla Landham, David Mattle, Lily Rose Silver, Bill Farmer, Cle Bennett, Bob Klein, John Bentley, Fred Tatasciore, Karin Anglin



Friday, November 3

Red is Green Carpet: 5:30PM
Screening: 6:30PM

Q&A with Filmmakers
Aron Gauder

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