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#WhoTellsTheStoryMatters YOU can get involved in creating systemic change through Media and the Arts with RED NATION CELEBRATION INSTITUTE (RNCI) the Creative Enterprise by Natives delivering to all people the stories that shape our world.

RNCI the longest standing Native Media, Arts & Cultural nonprofit in Los Angeles includes the largest Indigenous International Film Festival in the world.

Our foundation is uniting creatives within our community to bring together a greater voice to the entertainment industry and the world at large. Red Nation Celebration Institute is honored and proud to work with strong leaders within our Native Nations across Indian Country America and our Indigenous talent from directors, producers, writers, actors and crew in front of and behind the camera, fostering the next generation of talent and leaders. #NativesInChargeOfTheirNarrative

Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) has established a rich legacy of work through it’s Red Nation International Film Festival by supporting more than 5000+ Native and Indigenous filmmakers, including Sterlin Harjo, Loretta Todd, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Mark Williams, James Bird, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Kyle Kauwika Harris, Katsitsionni Fox, Daniel Foreman, Alba Enid García, Klee Benally, Yvonne Russo, Randy Redroad, Jeffrey Palmer, Hepi Mita, Chelsea Winstanley, Taika Waititi including allies that have made Native and Indigenous themed films Chloe Zhao, Taylor Sherdian, Joe Berlinger, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Josh Tickell, Susanna White, Stephen S. Campanelli, Brigitte Timmerman, Deborah Anderson, Kathleen Hepburn, Jaima Chevalier, Joanne Storkan, Haroula Rose, Lesley Johnson, Chris Writs.

In the last three years RNCI has screened 75+ films directed by women.

RNCI continues into the next 25 years with #RNCILegacyProject

Upcoming Live Events

Red Nation Festival leads forward with its 2021 live events for its 26th Anniversary.

26th Annual RNCI Year Round Programs


The program is led by Red Nation Celebration Institute with Global partners, it’s a pathway that focuses on behind the camera, entry-level, below-the-line opportunities for Native and Indigenous talent.
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