Films that screen at RNIFF have received broadcast network deals, distribution deals, actors have been hired for television series, cast in feature films.  NAACP Image Awards invited RNIFF to submit Native Films for consideration and invited RNIFF Native actors to be presenters (only happened once in the history of NAACP Awards). Writers are looked at for future television shows, these are a few of the key benefits that the film festival provides. One of our major accomplishments is that RNIFF has locked down exclusive screenings with major production companies and choosing films to screen BEFORE being screened to general public then going on to win awards!

This is the festival that screens Academy Award winning films and Emmy Award winning films before they are nominated — for the past 17 years >  “Frozen River”, “The Garden”, “Honor the Treaties” were screened here at Red Nation International Film Festival. In addition, RNIFF was the first festival in the world to screen before its premier and to the general public in partnership with Summit Entertainment “Twilight Saga- New Moon”.  This is the festival to experience native cinema. Red is Green Carpet Events were first launched at RNIFF, in placing Native talent on the Red carpet, providing a platform in keeping with its’ mission American Indian at the forefront of the Entertainment Industry.

2019, RNIFF partnered with Janus Films and Handmade Films in screening “30th Anniversary of Powwow Highway” The feature film that Changed the Native Narrative forever! 

2017, RNIFF partnered with Cannes Film Festival winner Taylor Sheridan and Producers having an Exclusive festival screening of “Wind River” in Los Angeles. 

Frozen River”, “The Garden”, “Honor the Treaties”, “Twilight Saga- New Moon”, “Wind River” all have received awards at RNCI Red Nation Awards.  

Native FILM Market – Red Nation Celebration Institute ground-breaking initiative INDIGENOUS EYES FILMMAKER SHOWCASE was launched in November 2015 and sponsored by Honest Engine Films, in partnership with Red Nation Television Network, and presented by Red Nation Celebration Institute in Santa Monica at the Loews Hotel during American Film Market. 

1000 distribution and production companies were invited, 400 attended the Red is Green carpet gala. This launch created a biz, internationally and locally, industry professionals were amazed at how many native & indigenous films have been produced. Red Nation’s INDIGENOUS EYES FILMMAKER SHOWCASE highlighted this very important ground-breaking initiative.

Red Nation Celebration Institute, renamed Indigenous Eyes Filmmaker Showcase to Native Film Market, now in its third year 2017, held during Red Nation Film Festival in November, annually. The Festival features the only film competition in the world that offers guaranteed distribution of American Indian & Indigenous Award winning independent films, as well as films that screen at the festival to include a broadcast television release in partnership with Red Nation Television Network, a global provider of streaming movies and TV series and soon to be announced Festival’s native films televised on a Cable server provider.

The Festival is a showcase for new work by American Indian & Indigenous international independent filmmakers, bringing together decision makers and content creators with the goal of ensuring media representation of American Indian & Indigenous content to the world at large.

> Red Nation International Film Festival launches ‘Monthly Film Series’  2020 Never before in the history of the entertainment industry has there been a monthly film series dedicated to Native Cinema.
ON THE BIG SCREEN. Filmmakers have been making movies since the late 1800’s, the first theatre opened in 1896. 

> “30th Anniversary of Powwow Highway” The feature film that charged the Native Narrative forever!  RNIFF secures exclusive screenings with Janus Films and Handmade Films. (2019) 

> Red Nation International Film Festival holds ‘first Native screening’ The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Linwood Dunn Theatre. (2017). Never before had there been an American Indian film screening at AMPAS! 

> The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences invites Red Nation International Film Festival Founder Joanelle Romero as a lifetime member, being one of the first Native women to join. (2016).

> Groundbreaking First Time In History,  RNCI Red Nation Awards Show was broadcast LIVE and streamed on Red Nation Television Network – Native is Here. (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Red Nation International Film Festival (Distribution) Native Film Market @ American Film Market (2015)

> First Time in History Cable Television, RNCI Red Nation Awards Show was broadcast on Comcast | NBC Universal, this mark an historic event in being the first time an American Indian Awards Show, pre-recorded broadcast. (2013)

> Red Nation International Film Festival, 10 films were broadcast on Comcast | NBC Universal (2013)

> RNIFF was invited to submit our festival films for consideration into the NAACP Image Awards. This was the first and only time in the history of the NAACP Image Awards that American Indian Films were considered. (2012)

> “Honor the Treaties” after screening and winning Best Doc Short @ RNIFF 2012, the short went on to Win an Emmy  in 2013.

> “Yellow Rock” feature film has won awards across the country since winning their first award at RNIFF as well as received a national distribution deal as a result of being directly screened and also won awards at our festival. (2011)

> Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight- New Moon” RNIFF partnered with Summit Entertainment in screening Twilight- New Moon, before the film had its premiere and going into public theaters, this was a first for Summit Entertainment in regards to screening their francize at any film festival. (2009)

> “Frozen River” screened at RNFF and went on to garner two Academy Award nominations and six Spirit Awards nominations. (2008)

> “The Garden” screened at RNIFF and went on to receive a nomination for Best Documentary Feature at the 81st Academy Awards. (2008)

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