Los Angeles Festival Premiere

DOCUMENTARY SHORT | United States | 31 MINUTES | English


In this expository documentary, Iñupiaq tattoo artist Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone reclaims the ceremonial practice of kakiñiit (Inupiaq tattooing) within her Indigenous community. Experience ceremony as Kunaq tattoos MacKenzie Sleeman (Gwich’in) and Rainbow Mado’eeno Esmailka (Athabascan) with traditional facial tattoos. Witness Kunaq mentor Darlene Paqpaluk Trigg (Iñupiaq) to become an Iñupiaq tattoo artist. She does this by teaching her ceremony practices, skin stitching, and hand poke tattooing techniques. Kunaq sustains her culture by revitalizing the tattooing tradition with her personal ceremonial and feministic spin. There is a primary focus on womanhood, Kunaq’s Herstory, and challenging the modern narrative on Indigenous tattoos.


Directed by Patrick Hoffman

Patrick Hoffman is from Anchorage, Alaska. He is Athabascan and LGBTQ+. He is an independent Indigenous producer, director, video editor, and has always been interested in video production. Hoffman is currently working towards his bachelors of fine arts at The Evergreen State College. His inclusive perspective and visual inspiration come from the works and teachings of Ruth Hayes and Laurie Meeker. He has a primary focus on identity reclamation and challenging modern/older stereotypes. Hoffman believes focusing on identity reclamation is crucial for the normalization and inclusion of many marginalized groups to avoid cultural deletion. This message was ingrained in him with the teachings from Russell Sharman who discussed important concepts from George Gerber. The main message was that if a culture has no visual or audio representation in media it will lead to cultural deletion.


Patrick Hoffman


Patrick Hoffman, Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone

Audio Producer

Joseph St. Onge


Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone, Mackenzie Sleeman, Darlene Paqpaluk Trigg, Rainbow Mado’eeno Esmailka

Program Six


Monday, November 14

Screening: 7:00 to 8:00

Lumiere Music Hall

9036 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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