Thursday, November 14, 2019
Laemmle Music Hall | 5:00pm to 6:30pm | Program | On the Red is Green Carpet (arrivals 4:00pm)

This animated short pays tribute to Minnie Hollow Wood, one of the many women warriors who fought courageously alongside male warriors in major battles such as the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Minnie was the first Lakhota woman warrior to be honored with a sacred War Bonnet, a symbolic give-away, representing one of the highest honors of war, peace, and valor.

Director: Yvonne Russo
Animator: Eric Peck
Cast: Reuben Fast Horse, Iris Chasing Eagle, Yvonne Russo, Imara Andino, Eric Peck
Screenwriter: Yvonne Russo
Producer: Yvonne Russo
Composer: Nick Pike

Includes a post screening Q&A with the director(s)

Director (s)

Yvonne Russo, an award-winning producer, director, and writer of film, television and digital, most recently serving as Producer on KELLY’S BAR an indie drama about a Mi’kmaq Indian man and an Irish-American woman who fall in love in an impoverished and racially divided 1980’s South Boston. She recently worked as a Production Advisor on WOMAN WALKS AHEAD, a period epic feature film circa 1889, which follows widow Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain) leaves behind her unsatisfying life in New York City to pursue her dream to be a painter, and bravely travels alone to the Dakota Territory, with the goal of painting the infamous Lakota Chief, Sitting Bull – The film was written by Academy Award-nominated Steven Knight, produced by The Bedford Falls Company and Black Bicycle Entertainment. Russo has recently entered a television development deal with Handmade Films to adapt the 1989 cult classic film POWWOW HIGHWAY based on a novel by David Seals. She has a deal with Warner Brothers Television, and Bad Robot to Executive Produce a new television series currently in development. She is also an Executive Producer on a new television series, THE TRIBE with AMAZON Studios.

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