Red Nation Native FILM Labs is an Indigenous film community multimedia program presented by Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI). Native FILM Labs explores the layers of indigenous identity, sovereignty and resilience. We use storytelling as a tool to empower first nations content creators and native youth,  Natives in Charge of their Narrative™ is our ongoing theme!

In addition, Native students have always been a highlighted interest of Red Nation Celebration Institute’s work in recognizing and developing new talent. Red Nation Celebration Institute’s Native Youth Matter program has sustained since 1995.

Native FILM Lab Program is currently seeking US-based Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian filmmakers with five opportunities:

Lab 1

Short Film Screenplays for American Indian & Indigenous Women.  Screenplays can be no longer than 15 pages to be considered. Screenplays must be about Native women subject matter. Projects will be reviewed and selected based on their originality of voice and vision and their likelihood of being produced within 2017-18. The writer/director is encouraged to have a producer prior to selection. The writer/director will be selected *home-grown in two states/cities Los Angeles CA and Santa Fe New Mexico. The recipient will participate in the Native FILM Lab, a three-stage grant contract providing support in pre-production, production and post- production, and attendance at the 2018 Red Nation Film Festival.

Lab 2

Native Women in FILM (Networking) is a lab the nurtures Native Women WRITE. This lab is designed to give a voice to the most underrepresented voice in the film industry.  Since 1995 RNCI has highlighted and expanded this program in providing Indigenous Women the opportunity to director, produce, write, and act in telling their own stories as well as reading their scripts to an audience and industry professionals.  Each year, Native Women in FILM content creators work with industry professionals, sit on panels at Red Nation Film Festival through Red Nation Conversation Series. Native Women WRITE have the opportunity to read their script at Red Nation Film Festival 2017 and Native Women in FILM festival 2018; NWIF Table Read. One script is chosen each year!

Lab 3

Content Makers already have your own equipment and vision, join established Native Filmmakers *Team Red Nation in developing  content for future projects, to be televised on Red Nation Television Network and screened at Red Nation Film Festival.

Lab 4

Native Youth Matter (Mentoring), seeking Native youth to participant *hands-on in production, filming, photography, Red Carpets, On-air Interviewers for 2017 Red Nation Film Festival in Santa Fe NM, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Lab 5

Film LA Emerging filmmakers and Native Youth. Invited filmmakers to develop shorts in and around Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the largest population of urban American Indians. Los Angeles rich history of Native culture, that needs to be preserved on film. Each filmmaker will receive free film permits.

Application: OPEN for 2017 Red Nation Native FILM Labs

Dates: August 10-23 (Santa Fe NM) and September 11-October 31 (Los Angeles) and November 8-19 (Los Angeles)

Grant Pool: 5 projects

Eligibility: American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaskan Native film artists working in the U.S.

Description:  Red Nation Native FILM programs provides support to emerging American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaskan Native film artists working in the U.S.

2017 PARTNERS: LA Film Inc., La Plazita Institute, Outta Your Backpack Media.


Red Nation Celebration Institute programs Native Youth Matter – If I Can See It I Can Be It has screened over 300+ with our Native Youth Film Series over the last 14 years at annual Red Nation Film Festival (RNFF) The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema. Native Youth films are directed, produced, written by native youth. Each year RNFF screens a family matinee of ABC/Hallmark “Dreamkeeper” the Myths & Legends of the American Indian. Native Youth Matter programs and initiatives has worked with Michael Jackson, to screening films, to Native Youth performing at Red Nation Celebration Concert Series, to workshops at United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) and Mescalero Apache Reservation school, to panels at National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA),  to film contests, to learning skills in production at Red is Green Carpets events, to busing in Native and Non-Native youth to Red Nation events. In 2016 RNFF screened thirteen IAIA student films, in addition native youth individual submissions to the festival.

STANDING ROCK: During 12th Red Nation Film Festival (RNFF) November 2015, RNFF partnered with Hawkwing Inc in bringing out several Native Youth of ‘One Mind Youth Movement’ whom lead the inaugural Indigenous Women RISE Climate Change March and Native youth were invited to sing an honor song at RNCI Red Nation Awards Show.  The Native youth who attended were from Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, which included Standing Rock Sioux Tribal member. The youth that were invited had never seen the ocean or been on a plane and this was the first time they lead a march and sand on a televisied Award Show. They were so inspired that when returning home to North Dakota, these same youth lead Standing Rock Youth Movement to DC, April 2016 and returned home to North Dakota and WOKE the World to Standing Rock. This is the biggest social movement of our time. This is what happens when you put time into our Native youth and inspire them to make change.

Red Nation Celebration Institute programs and initiatives has worked with Michael Jackson, to screening films, to Native Youth performing at Red Nation concerts, to workshops at United National Indian Tribal Youth, to film contests, to Red is Green Carpets events, to busing in Native and Non-Native youth to Red Nation events.

Over the 22+ years of Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) we have worked with some of the finest students native and non-native from CSUN University (Indian Studies), USC University (Indian Studies), USC, even grade school student from Calmont, Highland Hall, Viewpoint, Sherman Indian School, Institute of American Indian Arts, Sherman Indian High School, Calmont School, San Pedro Mid-School.

RNCI has bused in students from San Pedro and downtown LA schools for our cultural bridging screenings to environmental projects and first American Indian Parade (DYLA). RNCI has bused in Native youth from neighboring pueblos in New Mexico to attend Red Nation Celebration Institute ‘Leadership Role Models panels’ to Tuba City Schools on the Navajo Reservation. Even as current as students flown in from South Dakota “One Mind Youth Movement” for our first Indigenous Women Climate Change March this past year November 2015, they were asked to sing an honor song at RNCI Red Nation Awards Show.

Red Nation Celebration Institute have worked with these fine organizations: Native Wellness Institue,Walking the Healing Path, Jane Goodall, Southern California Indian Center, United American Indian Involvement, Toys R Us, United National Indian Tribal, Institute of American Indian Arts and National Indian Child Welfare Association.

Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) Philanthropy  Something to Live for >>>——-> RNCI donates $20,000 worth of school supplies, books, toys, bikes, computers to Pine Ridge and Rose Bud Reservation, to over a 3000 Red Nation T-Shirts to Native programs. RNCI *Red is Green Carpet Events held annually at Red Nation Film Festival in November, highlights a charity through RNCI social justice initiative  ‘Native Fashion with Social Action’.

For More information on other educational programs please visit NATIVE YOUTH MATTER: http://rednationcele.org/native-youth-matter/


2017 Partners: Outta Your Backpack Media and La Plazita Institute.

Sponsors & Partnerships over the years: Inn of The Mountain Gods, Mescalero Apache Nation, Pueblo of Pojoaque Governor Joe Talachy, Former Governor Joe Garcia, Buffalo Thunder Resort, Institute of American Indian Arts, Toys R Us, Gifts In Kind, Jane Goodall, Native Wellness Institue, Walking the Healing Path, Sovereign Mind Productions, American Indian Film Festival (SF), Star School (AZ), Help the Earth (LA), Southern California Indian Center, United American Indian Involvement, Institute of American Indian Arts and National Indian Child Welfare Association.

Partners over the years in highlighting Native student films have been: Help the Earth (LA); Star School (AZ), San Francisco American Indian Film Festival, and Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe NM). In 2016 RNFF screened thirteen Institute of American Indian Arts student films, in addition native youth individual submissions to Red Nation Film Festival.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE: levels start at $10,000 to $50,000. Contact Linda Tenequer for more information at: info@rednation.com


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