California Native Indigenous Film Commission

Economic Development on Native Land in partnership with the Entertainment Industry

The RNCI California Native Indigenous Film Commission is delighted to introduce “ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ON NATIVE LAND™” in partnership with the entertainment industry. This enlightening discussion will shed light on the profound importance of filming on Native land, presenting a novel perspective on this vital subject.

This initiative is about more than just film production; it’s about economic growth. By creating job opportunities, offering workforce development training to prepare tribal members for the film industry, and unlocking untapped resources, we’re poised to increase revenue significantly. Additionally, we’re poised to explore new locations, uncover hidden treasures, and expand horizons.

November 2nd, 2023

5:00 - 6:30PM

Hilton Hotel
1707 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Inquiring about an RSVP for industry professionals to attend this event contact Liz Kramer at


Contact Linda Tenequer | | 818.665.5753

At the Red Nation Celebration Institute, our mission is to dismantle the pervasive barriers of racism by instigating systemic transformation across all forms of media, including film and television. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate stereotypes about American Indians.

Our vision for the future of cinema and the arts is one where Native Indigenous perspectives are portrayed authentically, acknowledged, and appreciated. We aim to foster an environment that not only showcases these perspectives but also cultivates robust, genuine Native identities, bolstering economic prosperity, equitable representation, and the overall well-being of our Indigenous communities.

Our purpose is to amplify representation within the film and media industry, fostering an ecosystem that not only enhances production but also ignites economic prosperity within the rich and diverse tapestry of Indian Country’s entertainment landscape. Central to our mission is the attainment of visual sovereignty over our indigenous narratives, with inclusivity deeply rooted as a fundamental guiding principle.



Joanelle Romero

Joanelle Romero

Founder, CEO, President
Red Nation Celebration Institute

Mike Fantasia

Mike Fantasia

Former President of Location Managers Guild International
Killers of the Flower Moon

Cyndy McCrossen

Cyndy McCrossen

City of Albuquerque Film Liaison

Allison Whitmer

Allison Whitmer

Montana Film Office, Commisioner

Marcei Brown

Marcei Brown

Founder of Crewvie

Coni Shepperd

Coni Shepperd

Southern Kentucky Film Commission

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