Native FILM Market Indigenous Filmmaker Showcase created out of a direct need for American Indian & Indigenous filmmakers to promote and showcase their films to distribution companies from around the world, set in a unique experience. Native FILM Market lens itself to filmmakers pitching their ‘work-in-progress’ to funders and industry professionals each year. 

This is the ONLY Native FILM Market Showcasing American Indian & Indigenous films, filmmakers, designed and focused on Native content.

Trailers screened annually at Red Nation Film Festival is a great opportunity to market your film to hundreds of film fans. 


Each year, the Festival chooses four ‘work-in-progress’ short films and four Trailers to screen.

Filmmakers can submit their  ‘work-in-process’ film short (20 or less) or Trailer (one minute or less) by emailing to a link our work to:

Once submitted Team Red Nation will inform which four shorts and trailers will screen at 15th Red Nation Film Festival. 

‘Work-in-Progress’ short films will have the opportunity to screen their film once during the Festival.

Trailers will screen throughout the Festival at all screenings during the Festival.

Entry Fees

Native FILM Market & Trailers


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