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The NATIVE INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS ROOM is a script writers room, a safe place to create, preparing Native Indigenous creatives for writing careers at major television networks including Red Nation Television Network Media Streaming Company.

The NATIVE INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS ROOM was created out of a direct need. To encourage major television and cable networks to hire Native Indigenous screenwriters in supporting the entertainment industry’s inclusion and equity mandate. NATIVE INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS ROOM is a program of Red Nation International Film Festival’s mission to improve and represent the American Scene within the Native Perspective including employment for Native Indigenous talent in all facets of the entertainment industry.

The NATIVE INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS ROOM is designed to familiarize participants with the format, characters and storyline structure of television. A total of 4 writers are accepted nationwide from an established network of non-profit agencies, schools, universities, guilds and media organizations.

The four-week lab consists of panel discussions, one on one meetings and a round table group creatives room – meeting 3 times a week for one month. The goal is that the writers hone their craft and commit to completing a 30 minute draft of a pilot script by the end of the four-week session.

The NATIVE INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS ROOM is for seasoned Native Indigenous writers who have written short or television scripts. Each selected participant is expected to complete a draft of a pilot script by the end of the five-week session.This is an opportunity to have each participant’s script offered up in a professional capacity as a new television script.

Submissions Reopen Spring 2024!

Native Indigenous TV Writers Room
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • NoVo Foundation
  • California Community Foundation
  • National Endowment for Humanities

Support for the Native Indigenous TV Writers Room

Native Indigenous TV Writers Room is made possible through gifts, grants and sponsorships.

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  • Department of Cultural Affairs City of Los Angeles
  • Gavin White Empowerment Fund
  • Joanelle Romero
  • RNCI Board of Directors

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