Native Youth Matter – If I Can See It I Can Be It Masterclass Lab

in Schools (ages 6th – 12th grade)



4736 Huntington Dr So Los Angeles, CA 90032

Native Youth Matter in MEDIA is a program that focuses on youth interested in careers in film, television, theatre and media production.

Native Youth Matter is a community of outreach programs and initiatives that build strong and healthy relationships with Native Youth on Reservations and in Urban communities. Historical trauma, youth suicides, sexual assault, missing & murdered youth in Native communities is higher than any other race. Red Nation Celebration Institute addresses these issues with Native youth in healing themselves through film, music, dance, sports and the arts, and international relations/ Cultural Bridging. It’s an educational prevention program designed to empower youth to tell their own stories. Our Mission is to actively engage with Native youth in making a connection that will have a life-long positive effect on their lives.

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