Joanelle Romero Mescalero-Chiricahua Apache, Dinétah, Paiute Nations and is SpanishSephardic. A relative of Pawnee, Pojoaque, Southern Ute and Haudenosaunee.  Joanelle’s father was born on the Jicarilla Reservation and her great-grandma from her mother’s side was born on the Mescalero reservation. 
CEO | Founder | President | Director 

Linda Tenequer  Muscogee Creek Nation
Director of Development | Marketing & Communications Director

Jason Mares Apache
Executive Director Technology Programmer | Development Specialist

Kay Vermeil 
Content Editor 

Kenrick Escalanti
Multimedia Resource and Development Specialist

Téana David 
Content Producer

Kit Thomas 
Content Producer

Stella Musi & Jade Watson
Marketing Designers

Narin Dickerson
Internet Content  Supervisor  

Jackie Anglin-Simon
Managing Director

Marisa Cordoba Mestizo
Production Coordinator

Grants Manager

In-House Photographer (s)
Jake Meharg
Portraits by Peggy

Red Nation Media Group, Inc

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