Dancing Through

Documentaries |  49m

Documentary | Canada

At 33 years old, Cree/Métis powwow dancer and jigger Madelaine has had a cancerous lump removed from her breast. A year later, Madelaine discovers the lump has not only returned, but grown exponentially. Follow Madelaine’s journey as an Indigenous woman grappling with a cancer diagnosis, navigating the western medical system, and ultimately utilizing the power of dance to guide her through.

Director (s) Anika Syskakis and Madelaine McCallum

Cast Madelaine McCallum

Producer Anika Syskakis

Editor(s) Cheyanna Kootenhayoo and Tia Taurere-Clearsky

Lumiere Music Hall

9036 Wilshire Blvd, 90211

Wednesday, November 3rd Showtime: 7:30 – 8:20pm

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