Portraits from a Fire

Features |  1h 32m

Drama | Canada

Portraits from a Fire is a coming of age film following an eccentric misfit named Tyler who spends his days recording and vlogging his community, until he meets Aaron; an older, influential teenager who pushes him to show his latest work about his family to the community, leading to a reckoning between the past and the future, life and death, and father, mother, and son.

Portraits from a Fire is about gaining the strength to face the fear of the unknown, and weaving together the sacred bond of family in the face of Truth.

Cast Nathaniel Arcand, William Lulua, Asivak Koostachin

Director Trevor Mack

Writer Manny Mahal

Producer (s) Kate Kroll, Rylan Friday

Executive Producer Trish Dolman

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(except Night Raiders, Antlers, Wild Indian, Portraits from a Fire, Sage Me Not and From Earth to Sky)

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