The Canyonlands

Features |  1h 39m

LA Premiere | Horror | U.S.A.

5 contest winners take a rafting trip down the Colorado River, and after camping for the night, encounter a miner with a score to settle. Lauren, their guide, must find her way through the maze of canyons to save her travelers and herself. As she works to save the group, she begins to unravel the 150 year old mystery behind the visions in her head.

Cast Stephanie Barkley, Wayne Gausedis Baker

Director Brendan Devane

Writer Brendan Devane

Producer Brendan Devane

Online Screening Tickets Now On Sale $45.00 for all films.

(except Night Raiders, Antlers, Wild Indian, Portraits from a Fire, Sage Me Not and From Earth to Sky)

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