The Keepers of Corn

Documentaries |  1h 00m

LA Premiere | Documentary | Mexico | Spanish Language

Q & A with Filmmakers.

Indigenous farmers, artisans and cooks all tell this story – in Spanish and in their own languages – of the origins of native corn and how their ancestors shepherded the ever-evolving seeds out of the dawn of agriculture and into the 21st Century; a collective labor involving over 350 generations. Their voices are joined by community leaders, scientists, chefs and others whose knowledge and activism stand, not only in defense of food sovereignty and the genetic integrity, diversity and community ownership of native seeds, but in defense of a durable cultural legacy and a way of life.

Director Gustavo Vazquez

Writer (s)
Gustavo Vazquez and Jonathan Barbieri

Producer (s) Gustavo Vazquez, Jonathan Barbieri and Yira Vallejo

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