Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI), Celebrated its 20th Anniversary, this past August 2016. RNCI has produced and delivered ground-breaking initiatives i.e. the First American Indian Film Festival & Awards Show in Los Angeles, the First American Indian Television Network on the internet {10 million viewers in 37 countries}, Native Women in Film & Television, Native Youth Matter If I Can See It I Can Be It, Red Nation Films, and founded the American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles RNCI “Signature Event’ estabhished in 1995 and is produced annually held during the Grammy Week is Red Nation Celebration Concert Series, highlighting Contemporary & Traditional American Indian music & recording artists

Red Nation Celebration Institute extends an invitation to Tribal Nations, Corporate/Tribal Enterprises, Studio/Production Companies to be part of the longest standing Native Arts & Culture nonprofit organization in Los Angeles.

For more information about Red Nation Celebration Institute, Please call Linda Tenequer at 818.665.5753 or email us at

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