Red Nation Conversation Series™ is a program that offers inspiring events with well-known actors {native & non-native} who explore the profession of acting, directing, producing, writing and working in show business; reflect on personal experiences and artistic influences that informed and shaped their careers; discuss past and current projects; share valuable insights into the craft and industry; with an audience of fellow performers and film enthusiasts.

Presented in Los Angeles at Red Nation Film Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema {annually}, we offer two types of Conversations: Q & A Sessions with filmmakers and selected panels designed for specific topics, created as Television Specials. All Conversations are professionally moderated, recorded and available on Red Nation Television Channel-Native is Here.

Several Conversations have included – Benicio Del Toro {Jimmy P. Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian}, Russell Means {Last of the Mohicans}, Misty Upham {Frozen River}, Heather Rae {Among Ravens}, Richard Ray Perez {Cesar’s Last Fast}, Saginaw Grant {The Lone Ranger}, Zahn McCalronon {Longmire}, Kimberly Norris {The Cherokee Word for Water}, Eddie Spears {Hell on Wheels}, Gil Birmingham {Twilight Saga}, Chaske Spencer {Twilight Saga},  Michael Spears {Yellow Rock}, Shauna Baker {Robert Redfords ‘DrunkTown}, Alex Meraz {Twilight Sage}, Moses Brings Plenty {The Cherokee Word for Water}, James Bird  {Chasing Shakespeare}, Alma Martinez {Strike One}, Michelle Thrush {Jimmy P. Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian}, David Llauger Meiselman {Strike One}, Joanelle Romero {Pow Wow Highway}, Ron Roggé {The Activist}, Theda NewsBreast {Why the Women in My Family Don’t Drink Whiskey}, Wynn Ponder {The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo}, Lita Ford {The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo}, Camille Manybeads Tso {In the Footsteps of Yellow Women}, Ellyn Stern Epcar {Navajo Stars Wars}, Kathy Willcuts {Educator}, Matika {Project 562}, Jenna Cavelle {PAYA: The Water Story of the Paiute}, Lenore Andriel {Yellow Rock}, Rosemary Soto Rodriquez {The Taco Maker}, Josefina López {Detained in the Desert & Real Women Have Curves}, Iliana Sosa {Detained in the Desert}, Alex Meraz {Twilight Sage}, Moses Brings Plenty {{The Cherokee Word for Water}

Red Nation Conversations Series made possible through gifts, grants and sponsorships.

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