RNCI AMERICAN INDIAN & INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS LAB is a masterclass that prepares American Indian & Indigenous writers for careers at Red Nation Television Network [online streaming company] and at major television networks. 

RNCI AMERICAN INDIAN & INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS LAB was created in  accordance with the RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival’s mission to improve media portrayals of American Indian & Indigenous and to increase the number of American Indian & Indigenous employed in all facets of the media industry. It is widely understood that non-Native Americans primarily learn about our community from what they see on television.

In believing the fact that we create our own content [Red Nation Television Network], increasing the number of Native employed in all facets of the media industry and with the idea that if there are more diverse writers present at the writer’s table, not only at Red Nation Television Network but at other mayor networks, more diversity will be reflected on TV.

RNCI AMERICAN INDIAN & INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS LAB is designed to familiarize participants with the format, characters and storyline structure of television. Each year, writers are accepted nationwide from an established network of non-profit agencies, schools, universities, guilds and media organizations. The goal is to have Native writers employed at Red Nation Television Network as well as the writers garner the skills necessary to obtain employment in the industry.

RNCI AMERICAN INDIAN & INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS LAB consists of masterclasses with industry professionals, panel discussions, stage productions, one on one meetings and industry mixers. 

In addition, each writer will work with a mentor to discuss re-writes, confer about the day’s events, and be afforded time to work on their respective scripts. The goal of each component is to get their scripts in the best shape possible for hire. This is an opportunity to have each  participant’s script offered up in a professional capacity as a new television script. All of the writers will participate in offering ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on making it a strong piece.

RNCI AMERICAN INDIAN & INDIGENOUS TV WRITERS LAB is for seasoned Native writers who have written feature, short or television scripts. Each selected participant is expected to complete a draft of a script by the end of the four-week session.

The scripts will then be read and critiqued by Red Nation Television Network executives and other networks. Those writers whose scripts show promise will be interviewed and mentored by the network executives with the objective of placing them on Red Nation Television Network series and/or a network show.


DEADLINE TO APPLY: July 31, 2019

TV WRITER LAB: September 1-30, 2019 

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