Edward James Olmos, Actor

“It’s an honor and privilege to stand here at this film festival its inarguably one of the most important film festival in this country because it aloud us to see ourselves in a manner that usually we never do and to Joanelle Romero and everyone who has made it possible for us to be here tonight I thank them from the bottom of my heart”

Former Congresswoman Deb Haaland

‘I am proud to go to Congress as the first Native American woman. I am proud to receive this Award. Thank you all for your trust and your kindness for thank you for supporting RNCI. I hope that you will continue to support this wonderful organization, so that it cna continue to inspire folks and that all of you will continue your creatively and with the world and that more young films can learn for you. be inspired by you and have success into the future. Thank you again’

Alma Martinez

‘Amazing … The integration of indigenous spirituality and respect for traditions and elders was, as an artist eye-opening and life changing. The sense of community and respect for integrity as a state of mind, a way of life as a lens through which to see the world was extraordinary at Red Nation Film Festival.’

Cheryl Crazy Bull, President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund

“How others view American Indians and how we see ourselves is influenced substantially by film. Creating and depicting our own positive narratives of American Indian life and culture helps reverse generations of stereotypes, while allowing Native people to give voice to their own truths.”

Wilma Mankiller

‘As the former Chief of the Cherokee Nation, the second largest Indian tribe in the country, I enthusiastically support your efforts on behalf of Indigenous peoples. I applaud your efforts’

A Martinez

A Martinez

‘I offer my highest respects to the Red Nation Film Festival. Again this year, RNFF has demonstrated its unyielding commitment to exalting the voices of Native Peoples — and on a global scale. In a culture that routinely marginalizes our stories of poignant struggle and profound inspiration, Red Nation stands as an oasis. Major props to you guys for another great festival; I’m so looking forward to this year’s version, and you can count on me being there.’

Gisela Getty

‘Joanelle Romero, congrats to such a meaningful event. It was an honor to contribute. Thank you for your work and dedication and to present a possibility to learn about the expression of Native American filmmakers, to see their work, hear their voices, their powerful creativity and to meet them. And all that at the poignant time of #standingrock. Throughout the festival the connection was very strong. A memorable event that just deepened my understanding of the life of Native Americans today.’

Saginaw Grant

‘Red Nation Film Festival gives an native actor a voice, displays their talent. RNFF builds confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. RNFF is doing what our grandma’s and grandpa’s would want to see happen, being productive.’

Chaske Spencer

‘I was so happy to hear about he BEST ACTOR award. It means a lot to be recognized by the RED NATION FILM FESTIVAL for my work and I am excited to know that it had an impact on people’

Ernest L. Stevens NIGA

‘I am always supportive of the work you do for the industry! Thank care my friend’

Alba Enid Garcia

‘It was outstanding! The best experience I had so far on a festival of this caliber. A festival I felt at home at, with our indigenous sisters and brothers from the film industry. RNCI thank you!’

Gil Birmingham

‘I won Best Actor in a Supporting Role last night. A big thank you to the RED NATION FILM FESTIVAL, Joanelle and all the other winners for some incredible films. I am blessed.’

Sharlene Millang

Sharlene Millang

‘Thank you Joanelle Romero and the Red Nation Film Festival ! You were a big part of us in getting selected at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and for the Sesame Street Workshop Summit for Native American Writers.!’

Jack Belhumeur

Jack Belhumeur

‘This was a wonderful festival to be a part of and attend they were very helpful and had a great venue. The team is top notch and overall a great experience and opportunity for which i am grateful. Thanks red nation #wearethenewhollywood’

Brigitte Timmerman

Brigitte Timmerman

‘Had a wonderful experience at Red Nation. The Awards Ceremony was beautiful and the entertainment was amazing. I met many directors, writers, producers, musicians and Native actors. So many quality films this year!’

Tom Strnad

Tom Strnad

‘Honored to have our film selected. Great communication with the festival and look forward to future additions.’

Steve Jarvis

‘My experiences at the RNFF were excellent! Joanelle Romero and her staff worked tirelessly to make the screening event for our film The Women In The Sand and the entire festival an extrordanary success. Thank you!’

Justin Deegan / Director, Concrete 49

"Thank you RNCI for selecting my film for the 2021 film festival. This is one of my favorite festivals. Truly honored to have been selected. Thank you."

Kyle Kauwika Harris

Kyle Harris

‘An amazing film festival and platform for Indigenous voices. Many thanks to Joanelle Romero and A. Martinez for being an advocate for those voices. Looking forward to next year’s event. Thank you so much for the award for Best Environmental Documentary for our film I Stand: The Guardians of the Water.’

Carly Bryant

Thank you for selecting Needs Must Film’s MY BLOOD IS RED in your splendid festival! And grateful to your for helping a shoestring-budget music documentary spread the message of what is happening in Brazil today’

Jani Lauzon

‘I was so disappointed that I couldn’t make it to the festival. Life is like that sometimes. My film Just One Word was nominated for an award. The support and communication was stellar. The pics posted from friends that went proved my suspicions that this is a festival to submit to and attend!’

Alex Zacarias

Alex Zacarias

‘It was a great honor to have my documentary film Taino Daka (I Am) represented along with the many other prestigious films. They made the process easy and ensured that my film was at it’s highest quality and presented in the best venue. Looking forward in continuing our partnership. Ha’hom.’

Good Time Charlie Mulluk

‘Comics are gunslingers, used to being alone onstage with a pocket full of jokes. But sometimes through circumstance, fates and whims, we get a pet posse of brothers in one place. That happened one night here at The Laugh Factory for the Red Nations Film Festival.’

Fox Redsky

Fox Redsky

‘So much fun and beauty! So very impressed!!! gratitude !!’

Kasey Nicholson

Kasey Nicholson

‘I am still in awe of being selected and having the opportunity to perform where so many greats have stood and shared the healing nature of laughter. It’s a moment every comedian dreams of. Blessed and thankful’

Ernest David Tsosie

Ernest David Tsosie

‘A nervously wonderful experience! And a bucket list check off!’

William Spottedbear

‘Was an honor sharing a legendary stage with some great comedians.’

Sheldon Starr

Sheldon Starr

‘Performing at the Laugh Factory that night with a great line up is a son why I pursue comedy, the crowd, the comics, and everyone who was in the building that night respected and laughed at my style of comedy.’

Christopher Darton / Director, Essence of Goodness: The Harold Axtell Story

Real honor being included in the 25th RNCI Red Nation Film Festival. Fantastic communication with festival organizers, great media presence/marketing, discussion panel, awards, etc. One of the best few festivals I’ve ever been involved with.

Jon Roberts

Jon Roberts

‘I grew up watching famous comedians I admired perron at the Wold Famous Laugh Factory on TV when I was a kid. It was finally my turn.’

Katsitsionni Fox

Katsitsionni Fox / Director, Without A Whisper

I enjoyed being back at RNIFF with my new film Without A Whisper and the premier of new series -Rematriation. The festival was virtual this year and provided many opportunities for the filmmakers to share about their films. It is a unique and exciting festival for Indigenous filmmakers!

Pake Salmon / Director, MANA I MAULII OLA

"I am so pleased with the RNIFF awards and then the conversation we as filmmakers had the next day over zoom. It was eye opening to hear the stories from the other filmmakers about their challenges and triumphs! FilmFreeway has made it possible for many films to be watched. I am most grateful to both organizations and I look forward to producing more native stories!"

Gary Medina Cook

Gary Medina Cook

This was a well organized festival and represented filmmakers well. I admire the dedication to advancing work from native filmmakers. The only downside was out of their control: the lockdown. I was looking forward to going to Los Angeles to network with folks. Even so, they did a good job regarding online communication. I would highly recommend this festival to all indigenous filmmakers.

Robin Rosenthal

"We had an amazing experience premiering our documentary Mariposas del Campo at the 26th Red Nation International Film Festival. The festival was hybrid — first half in a theater, followed by two weeks online. In this ongoing pandemic climate, we were thrilled to be able to show our film to a sizeable but distanced in-person audience, with a Q&A. Festival Director Joanelle Romero and her RNCI team were so welcoming. We were nominated for Best Documentary Feature and attended the well-produced Awards show in a gorgeous theater. Winning that golden statuette was the icing on the cake. Thank you for the memories!"

Kaela Waldstein

Kaela Waldstein / Director, Orlando Dugi

An honor for “Becoming: ORLANDO DUGI” to be included in this event, the largest Indigenous film festival in the US. I especially enjoyed our Q&A with the founder and president, Joanelle Romero, who clearly has a genuine and passionate appreciation for film and filmmakers, and has a lot of dedication to make this event happen year after year, Covid or no.

Inuk Jørgensen

Inuk Jørgensen / Director, In the Shadow of the Tugtupite

So honored to be part of the RNIFF and such a rich selection of films. The organizers were great at reaching out, and promoting the participating films and film makers through interesting and well curated side events. The world really needs festivals that promote native-/indigenous storytelling and for my film this was a great platform to reach a wide audience. Thank you so much to everyone at RNCI for the opportunity. You have my highest recommendations and kudos for pulling everything off with such passion during the pandemic. Lots of love. Qujanaq (thank you)

Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson / Director, Women of the White Buffalo

A wonderful festival deeply rooted in Native American film and artists. So grateful for the opportunity to premier our film at this festival.

Daniel Foreman / Director, Raven and the Dogfish Woman

Thank you Joanelle Romero! You were a big part of us in getting selected at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and for Sesame Street!

Aunties Dandelion

Aunties Dandelion

"We were honoured that our VeRONAka film by The Aunties Dandelion was featured at RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival and Awards. We loved the online gathering of women Indigenous filmmakers and the hospitality was evident from the fact that none of us who were presenting wanted to get off the call! Nya:wenkò:wa for all of your hard work and generosity."

Kate Davis / Director, Cowgirls and Indians

An honor to have Cowgirls and Indians included in the festival. It was based on an experience I had many years ago but was highly fictionalized. Working with Native American actors was amazing. Each one brought great ideas and energy to the film. I plan to use them again in other films just to see them again. Thanks for including us.

John Powers / Director, Angels Ladder

It was a significant honor for the cast, crew, and executive producers of ANGELS LADDER to have been selected as part of the 25th Red Nation International Film Festival. While this was an online event for 2020, it was exceptional. Communication with the festival team was excellent, and the presentation of our work online was handled securely and professionally. In addition, there was also opportunity to speak about our work in an online Q&A plus the added benefit of viewing the films of our colleagues.

Jani Lauzon

“I was so disappointed that I couldn’t make it to the festival. Life is like that sometimes. My film Just One Word was nominated for an award. The support and communication was stellar. The pics posted from friends that went proved my suspicions that this is a festival to submit to and attend!”

Efi Amanatidou / Director, We’re in Quarantine

Thank you for the beauty and the hope you bring into the world! So honored to have my film included!

Joseph Yates

“To be fair, I did not attend the film festival, so my ratings is purely on communication and photos/videos I saw on their website and their social media.”

Tristin Greyeyes / Director

“I actually didn’t make it to go down but I would have loved to. I am very honored they choose to screen my film.”

Rose Steller Burke

"Excellent festival! So honored to be a part of it for our film Home From School: The Children of Carlisle. Thank you!"

Ryan Craig

‘Professional setting. Great vibes and communication. Very memorable experience at the film festival! Great job RNCI staff.’

Fogata Films

It’s a virtual year. That changes how we share music, film, painting: the arts. I am a skeptic of virtual events personally. The incredible access skillfully created by Red Nation International Film Festival staff was impressive. Very smooth. It was an wonderful month to be part of RNIFF. Thanks so much! fogata films

Gustavo Vazquez

"It has been an honor to share our documentary "The Keepers of Corn" at this highly important Film festival that showcases Indigenous voices. The organizers of the festival created an unforgettable awards ceremony. An event with a lot of heart."

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