Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) was established out of a direct need and today is an industry standard. RNCI has its roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during the famous Indian Market (est. 1995); RNCI partnered with Southwest Association of Indian Arts (SWAIA) Don Owen, executive director at that time. RNCI pioneered the music movement during Indian Market August 1995 at the Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre to a sold out audience. In 1995 there wasn’t any contemporary American Indian music being performed, since the inception of Indian Market.

Red Nation Celebration Institute was recognized as a groundbreaking collective initiative and became a widely publicized music event of national stature. RNCI has successfully featured American Indian recording artists, Grammy winners and nominees, and has been a launching pad for numerous emerging Native Indigenous musicians who have been signed to labels since performing at RNCI’s concerts over the last 26 years.

RNCI began producing in Los Angeles during the most important weeks of the music industry “The Grammy Awards Week.” In 2003, Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series” became an “Official Grammy Event” and went on to become Red Nation Celebration’s “Signature” Event.

In 2005, Red Nation launched the music scene on the Plaza during Indian Market week-end and now native music is being performed on the plaza. In addition that same year RNCI produced Red Nation International Film Festival “On the Road” bringing Award-winning films by Native Indigenous Filmmakers, along emerging filmmakers to Santa Fe, including launching the Red is Green Carpet events.

The Legacy today of RNCI is clear, audiences from all over the world when coming to Indian market week can now experience Native Indigenous Music, Red Carpet events and Native Cinema. 

Red Nation Celebration Institute is a Creative Enterprise delivering to all people the stories that shape our world. RNCI is the pioneer longest standing Native Women-Led, Indigenous Media Arts & Cultural nonprofit in the City of Los Angeles with a base in New Mexico. Empowering Indigenous Storytellers dedicated to breaking barriers of racism by creating systemic change through media & pop culture to eliminate Native American stereotypes.

Red Nation’s success is a revolution and presentation of Native Indigenous Talent from all over Indian Country, within the communities, urban to reservations.

Since Red Nation Celebration Institute’s (RNCI) humble beginnings in 1995, with its leadership has grown the Institute into a global enterprise with its property, brands, programs and groundbreaking initiatives  RED NATION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (RNIFF), NATIVE WOMEN IN FILM, NATIVE WOMEN IN FILM & TELEVISION, WHY WE WEAR RED, RED NATION TELEVISION NETWORK, CALIFORNIA NATIVE FILM COMMISSION, NEW MEXICO NATIVE FILM COMMISSION, RNCI CREW, NATIVE YOUTH MATTER (If I Can See It I Can Be It), RED NATION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ‘On the Road’, AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH in The City of Los Angeles and is responsible for establishing AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH in The State of New Mexico. 

All Brands on this site are the sole of property of RNCI Copyright© 2021 All Rights Reserved – Made in Indian Country America

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