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‘Native Comedy Showcase National Competition’

Presented in Los Angeles at Red Nation Film Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema {annually}, we offer an annual  ‘Native Comedy Showcase Competition’ judged by industry executives, a RNFF Sponsor, and high profile comedians. Comics are chosen to perform at The Laugh Factory. Comedians will have 5 minutes to perform their stand up. Comedians performance will be filmed. Comics will perform in front of a real live audience, with other known comedians listening. One winner will be chosen to do a 5 minute set at Red Nation Awards Show which will also be broadcast on Red Nation Television Channel-Native is Here (RNTV). The goal of this Native Comedy Competition is to get our native comedians in front of industry executives to begin the process of developing careers which can lead to a possible series. In addition Lets Hear Your FUNNY will be filmed and edited to broadcast on RNTV.

Success stories include: “Lets Hear Your FUNNY” special guest appearance Paul Rodriguez.  Featured comics: JR Redwater, Joanelle Romero, Ernest Tsosie III, Will Spottedbear, Charlie Mulluk Jr., Lydell Roberts, Kasey Nicholson, Sheldon Starr (comics came in from all over the country South Dakota, Montana, Seattle, Az and LA). On November 3rd, 2014 Red Nation Celebration Institute was proud to bring back the FUNNY, “Lets Hear Your FUNNY”, a native comedy night, our partner The World’s Famous Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd hosted the event to kick-off 11th Red Nation Film Festival & Awards Show – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema. Seventeen submissions from all over the country for the competition were entered. Nine native comics were chosen to perform. “Lets Hear Your FUNNY” was in honor of Charlie Hill, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers.

“Lets Hear Your FUNNY” was filmed for a Native Comedy Special which broadcast on Red Nation Television Channel-Native is Here.


“Lets Hear Your FUNNY” was a groundbreaking historic initiative created by RNCI, November 2007. It marked the first time in the Entertainment Industry history that an all native comedy LIVE show was produced.

RNFF Founder and Executive Producer, Joanelle Romero first launched this groundbreaking concept ‘Native Comedy Night’ in 2007 at Budd Freeman’s Comedy Store in Hollywood which help launched the careers of JR Redwater, Jim Raul, Marc Gaffe in Hollywood. RNFF produced the Native Comedy Night again in 2008 downtown Los Angeles.

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Lets Hear Your FUNNY is made possible through gifts, grants and sponsorships.

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