Sage Galesi

Sage Galesi
Apache, Dinétah, Paiute Nations, SpanishSephardic and Italian. A relative of Pawnee, Pojoaque, Southern Ute, Haudenosaunee and Lakota. Sage’s grandfather was born on the Jicarilla Reservation and her great-great-grandma from her mother’s father side was born on the Mescalero reservation. Sage a former board member of Red Nation Celebration Institute, held for 14 yrs. Sage is a Graduate of Yale University 2008. A mother of three. Sage, daughter of Joanelle Romero.

She is known as an actress and singer/writer – The Saints: Take Me to the South (Video short)
Hey There Stranger (TV Movie) Into the West (TV Mini-Series) Black Cloud (Movie)

Frozen Lake (as Elizabeth ‘Sage’ Galesi) DreamKeeper (TV Movie – Mae Little Wounded / Blue Bird Woman) Michael Jackson: Black or White (Video short)

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