RNFF Social Change Project In Partnership with Red Nation Television Channel

Red Nation Film Festival – Social Change Video Contest within Indian Country & Indigenous Countries Internationally invites Short Films & Videos with a message that generate dialogue, spark change, and activate communities around key social issues. Films/Videos in any native language is acceptable, but it needs to be subtitled in english. This contest is open to all. There is no entry fee for students & foreign participants. Videos include Satire, Animations, Social Action, Activism, Bullying, Anti-Drug, Violence Against Native Women, Not Your Mascot, Environment.

We seek to promote the dynamism of your video / film that will inspire action, offer solutions and encourage activism on a sensitive or relevant issue in everyday life. This is our attempt to embrace your thought or message and make a difference to our society. Lend a hand to bring that change through your own creation, through your own video /film.

If your video is shortlisted, it will be popularized and showcased on Red Nation Television Channel-Native is Here; Red Nation YouTube Channel and screened at Red Nation Film Festival, including being seen by film industry directors, producers.

This contest is organized by Red Nation Films, a major American Indian & Indigenous Film Production Company.


Eligibility Requirements:

1. Films/Videos in any native language is acceptable, but it needs to be subtitled in english.
2. It is a global contest and open for everyone above 14 years – from a professional filmmaker to an aspiring film student or even for those people for whom filmmaking is just a another hobby. Anybody who can make a short film / video, can participate in this contest.
3. Filmmaker has to send the contest entry form and 2 DVDs of their film along with its promo/trailer (optional) to our Red Nation office.

Categories of the Contest:
a) Short Films: up to 15 minutes duration (maximum).

Benefits to the Winners:
1. Mention of the Winner’s Profile and his/her film summary on the Red Nation Film Festival website.
2. The winners films will be screened at the next Red Nation Film Festival.
3. The winners will get complementary passes for the next Red Nation Film Festival.

Number of Submissions:
Filmmaker can submit up to three short films/videos. Please note that a separate application must be submitted for each film.

Winners will be decided on the basis of
1. Creative and technical merit – Story line, Subject treatment, Direction, Technical aspects (i.e., Cinematography, Screenplay, acting, music etc)

Filmmakers who participate in Red Nation Social Change Contest are eligible for free membership of exclusive YOUNG FILMMAKERS UNITE (YFU). Membership of YFU is on invitation only. YFU is a platform to mentor, guide & help talented young filmmakers. YFU comprises of promising directors, production & creative team members, writers, cinematographers, editors & more.

Young Filmmakers Cell (YFU)
YFU is a platform to mentor, guide & help talented young filmmakers.



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