Los Angeles Festival Premiere

ANIMATION | Fiji | 7 MINUTES | Fijian

Soli Bula

In an alternate reality Fiji where tradition and culture was never eroded by colonialism, a new Drua (ship) is about to be put to sea and will demand a steep toll for the final stage of its launch.


Directed by Meli Tuqota Jr

Tumeli Tuqota hails from Gasauva, Cakaudrove, Fiji with maternal links to Ha’apai, Tonga. He has over 15+ years experience with graphic design, motion design, 2D & 3D animation, film making and drawing stick figures with both hands.


Meli Tuqota Jr

Associate Producer

Dulcie Stewart

Art Director/Illustrator

Tui Ledua

Background & Additional Art

Clarence Dass

3D Modeling & Animation

Michael Jon Light


Verdine Lee

Composer, Priest Voice

Inoke Kalounisiga

Foley, Audio Mixing

Dave Laisiasa

Cultural Consultant, Priest Speech Writer & Translation

Simione Sevudredre


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