Los Angeles Festival Premiere

ANIMATION | United States | 2 MINUTES | English

The Jungle Tale - "An Ordinary Life Until..."

This is a proof of concept for children series.

A group of kids, raised in the heart of the jungle called Paranata by wild animals, learn the values and laws of the jungle. Overall, they learn that nature is the beauty of life to balance harmony. The kids manage to survive and adapt to the land of the wild. They love to stay in the jungle, but there are mysteries about men’s destruction of nature, and they set out to save the jungle.


Directed by Henry Zhinin

Henry Zhinin is an enthusiastic student filmmaker at the Savannah College of Art & Design earning his B.F.A. in Film and Television. He is a visual and narrative filmmaker who wants to create his unique ideas and visionary dreams to show symbolism. Plus, he wants his films to be beneficial for audiences worldwide. His life experiences influence his art. He is also best known as the director and animation supervisor of “Let Loose” in the Coca-Cola Refreshing Films program, which won two awards for SCAD in 2020. Despite his disability, his one major goal is to inspire others that it’s possible to push an envelope and show a spiritual connection to life.


Henry Zhinin


Henry Zhinin


Henry Zhinin


William Pica, Izzi Robles, Jackson Hughes

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