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'The Son Rises'

Manny, a rebellious biker, must fight for justice when his younger brother is killed in a senseless police shooting. Harassed by those who have sworn to protect him, he finds parallels between his story and that of Jesus Christ, as he’s slowly nailed to a cross of his own.


Directed by Alexander G. Seyum

Alexander G. Seyum is the writer, producer, director of the independent film, ‘The Son Rises’. ‘The Son Rises’ parallels the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to police brutality in Latino communities. This film is inspired by true-life situations Alex experienced growing in Southern California. At the age of thirteen Alex was held at gunpoint by Rialto PD while on summer break from junior high. Over the years Alex has experienced several encounters with racial profiling and harassment by police. Alex has also witnessed many of his Latino and African-American community members facing the same treatment at home and televised across the screen.

Alex was inspired to write ‘The Son Rises’ in 2016 when he was pulled over by LAPD. Alex was held at gun point, searched, questioned, then released. Alex became fed up with this kind of treatment and decided to retaliate in an artistic manner. This is when Alex thought to himself. What if Jesus Christ was pulled over and shot and killed by police? This question was seared into his mind. This is when Alex began his six-year journey of making ‘The Son Rises’.

‘The Son Rises’ had its film festival debut at the ROME International Film Festival in Rome, Georgia. Winning the Special Jury Award for Cinematography (DP, Veronica Bouza). It then screened in-person at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival, on-line at the Santa Monica International Film Festival, on-line at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival, and this coming April, at the on-line Social Impact Film Festival in Boston. Alex has recently received news that a special screening will be held in Atlanta Georgia for film students at a local university and an upcoming screening in Philadelphia is in the works.

Alex is a first-generation, U.S. born Afro-Latino. Alex’s parents came to the United States in the 1970’s from Central America and East Africa. His mother is from El Salvador and his father is from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Alex was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in the City of Rialto, the Inland Empire. Alex grew up surround by the gang and party crew cultures of the 1990’s. In Alex’s early career, he was an Ironworker and welder constructing steel structures across Bakersfield, San Diego, Las Vegas, and the Bay Area. Alex was also a union Boilermaker (Local 92) and worked as a steelworker for several years. In 2008, the recession put the nation on hold, this is when Alex decided to pursue a lifelong goal of becoming a filmmaker. He attended The Los Angeles Film and graduated in 2011. Over the years, Alex has worked freelance gigs and in camera rental houses. He has also become a professional photographer, covering such events as the Grammys, MLB, NFL, NASCAR, Goldenboy Boxing, and unit still photography on independent films.


Alexander G. Seyum


Alexander G. Seyum, Berenice Molina Valle, Amanda Cruz

Executive Producers

Alexander G. Seyum, Erik Alexander Gavica, Lawrence Razo, Gabriel Contreras, Angel Bermudez


Alexander G. Seyum

Key Cast

Erik Alexander Gavica, Mariana Anaya, Briza Covarrubias, Jacob Perez



Sunday, November 5

Screening: 8:10PM

Q&A with Filmmakers
Alexander G. Seyum, Berenice Molina Valle, Amanda Cruz

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Fine Arts Theatre

8556 Wilshire Blvd
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Beverly Hills City Garage
321 S La Cienega Blvd

Before 4pm (2 hours Free)
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Free After 6pm (7pm on Wilshire)

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