Los Angeles Festival Premiere

LIVE ACTION | United States | 11 MINUTES | English, Other

This Is Who I Am / Mii Maanda Iyaawayaa

A young Anishinaabe woman living in the City is feeling lost and overwhelmed. She wonders what her ancestors would do, and after a short series of events, she realizes what it is she can do


Directed by Manuel Ibanez

Director Manuel Ibanez is Quechua and an award-winning filmmaker. He is a founding member of Habitat Pro Association and the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus to the United Nations, and is a producer of its documentary, “An Introduction to the UNPFII.” Manuel is a certified cinema director from Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University and the Hollywood Film Institute. He has volunteered and worked for UNTV and holds several television credits as a director, cameraman and producer in diverse media networks in the US. He has produced the feature film “Tales From A Ghetto Klown” alongside Oscar winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens.


Manuel Ibanez


Kalvin Hartwig


Janene Yazzie, Andrea Landry


Ryan Gleason


Marie-Celine Einish


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