Los Angeles Festival Premiere



A tipi wonders about its purpose in modern life, and shows that as a home, it is the heart of its community. This short story demonstrates the process of teaching Îethka culture through the making of a tipi under the supervision of knowledge keepers.

The Elders describe knowledge that is in the tipi, and also what was lost when people moved into homes. Today people in Mînîthnî face complex challenges related to housing, such as mold and toxicity, overcrowding, and inescapable domestic violence. Could some of these problems be fixed by reconnecting to Îethka traditions and culture? Is creator still watching over us? The tipi and the teachings are still with us, we just need the chance to learn from them.


Directed by Twoyoungmen Jarret

Jarret Twoyoungmen is a storyteller whose passion is his community. He has training and experience in animation, camera operation, sound engineering, voice acting, editing, and directing. He co-founded the Nakoda AV Club which is dedicated to helping people tell their own stories through film animation and storytelling arts. He is a director for the Club, and is instrumental in the organization’s ability to connect with youth and Elders, and to tell stories in a uniquely Îethka way. His works have shown at Imaginenative, the Native American Film Festival, and the Winnipeg Film Festival. His first language is Nakoda (Îethka).


Twoyoungmen Jarret

Program Five


Sunday, November 13

Screening: 1:30 to 3:00pm

Lumiere Music Hall

9036 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211



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