Strike One

Monday, November 10th | Laemmle Music Hall Theatre | 8:45pm 

Red is Green Carpet Event | Q & A Session after the screening with Filmmakers & Cast.

Director: David Llauger Meiselman

Producers: David Llauger Meiselman, Lawrence S. Smilgys, Felipe Alejandro Ramirez, Danny Trejo, Billy Gallo, James  Tumminia

Feature | USA | 100 mins.

Juan Garcia (Johnny Ortiz), a boy on the threshold of manhood, living in a gang-controlled neighborhood, is wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit. His uncle, Manny Garcia (Danny Trejo), an ex-5th Street Muertos shot caller, now turned actor, sacrifices himself by agreeing to do one more job for the gang in an attempt to save Juan. Aware of the judicial system’s hardline stance against gang affiliation, Angie Garcia (Maria Isa Perez), Juan’s older sister, a would-be law student, engages the services of war-torn defense attorney Alan Hartford (Lawrence S. Smilgys). Juan’s is life now in the so-called, “blind scales of justice.” Alan fights an upward battle against a judicial system that profiles those born on the wrong side of the street.

The Cast: Danny Trejo, James Russo, Billy Gallo, French Stewart, Alma Martinez, Zahn McClarnon, Reginld Veljohnson, Lawrence S. Smilgys, Johnny Ortiz, Maria Isa Perez, Kyara Campos, Alan Corral, Kevin Gonzalez, Angel Lizarrago, James Tumminia, Jocelyn Cruz, Alicia Harris, Leonel Oliva, Felipe Alejandro

Event Title: Special Presentation Feature | Star-Studded Red is Green Carpet Event

Event Date: Monday, November 10

Event Producer: Red Nation Films

Event Location: 9036 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Laemmle ‘Music Hall” Theatre.

Event Times: Red is Green Carpet Arrivals 8:00pm; Screening 8:45pm with Q & A Session Following with Filmmakers and cast in attendance.

admission: $10. per person.

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