Friday, August 17 | Violet Crown | 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Veiled Lightning / Native Voltage
Show time 7:00pm | Run Time 57 min. | Tickets

IN PERSON: Jaima Chevalier, Gomeo Bobelu


Veiled Lightning weaves exclusive news coverage, original art, archival footage, and Native American informant interviews into a mosaic that explores how protest movements unfurling across the American landscape have an origin story in the First American Revolution–the Pueblo Revolt of 1680–and how that ancient battle not only informs the fight for social and environmental justice, but also casts a light on ways to thwart oppression, cultural genocide and appropriation to preserve Indigenous culture and help a nation to heal from its own tortured history. ** Veiled Lightning was a 2017 Official Selection at 14th Red Nation International Film Festival in Los Angeles and was nominated for a RNCI Red Nation Award. Director: Jaima Chevalier Producer: Gomeo Bobelu, Ashley Browning, Seewai Hui, Tazbah Gaussoin, Natachee Momaday Gray

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