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Red Nation Celebration Institute New Program launches during 25th RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival 2020

    RNCI Global Film & Television Location Scouting and Management Career Development 

Inclusion & Equity for Native Nations in Economic Development 

This is the perfect career opportunity for emerging talent that wish to break into the film industry with educational opportunities, panels, seminars, wardrobe, grips, script supervisor, makeup and more.

Become a location scout with Red Nation Celebration Institute and partners. There is a huge need and Red Nation Celebration Institute is filling it along with its Industry partners. There has been anything like this in the film industry for Native talent in this area of work. This new program has been in the making since 2015 and RNCI is thrilled to bring it to Indian Country and the Film Industry.

We create Jobs behind the camera! 

Red Nation Celebration Institute’s   ‘CALIFORNIA NATIVE FILM COMMISSION‘ and ‘NEW MEXICO NATIVE FILM COMMISSION‘ directly supporting this new program, offices are based in Los Angeles CA and Santa Fe New Mexico.   

If you are interested in learning about Film Careers email us at

RNCI Indigenous Film Crew Registry, first-ever National database for Indian Country and the Film Industry. To learn more contact Kristen Dewey at 

What does a location scout do – helps the director bring the film’s vision to life. They go into the world and find locations that match the script and storyboard. … When the pre-production phase is nearly done, the location scout photographs the location so that everything is returned to its original condition when the crew leaves.


Programs & Events Scheduled 

Masterclass Film & Television Location Scouting and Management Career Development November 5, 2020

Native Training Labs for Location Scouts & Other Departments starting in 2021

Location Scout Intensive for Native Communities Los Angeles & Southwest 2021

Become a Film Office Director on your reservation throughout Indian Country 



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