Festival Premiere

LIVE ACTION | United States | 14 MINUTES | English

Water Babies 2

A young relative is burdened by recurring dreams. She gets advice and is started on a path which revisits old legends and frightening truths.


Directed by Sage Andrew Romero

Sage Andrew Romero is a member of the Tovowahamatu Numu (Big Pine Paiute) and Tuah-Tahi (Taos Pueblo) Tribes. He is an accomplished Hoop Dancer and has traveled internationally sharing the Culture of his people through song, story, dance and art. Sage also founded the AkaMya Culture Group which first began as a group that provided a safe place and space to learn and practice culture for youth and families while also striving to be a positive role model for the Native youth and live a life of Sobriety away from Drugs and Alcohol. Sage recently completed building the first of its kind Cultural Studio named in honor of his recently passed Mother, the “Margaret L. Romero Cultural Studio”. This Studio will be a resource for media and creative endeavors within the community. Utilizing our own resources we have provided the community with events, productions, fundraising Cultural activities and more. Through our traditional and contemporary living culture, Arts, Film, and Animation projects, he hopes to instill pride within the youth and community so they may continue carrying on the traditions for future generations. Along with being a Cultural keeper and presenter, Sage also works in Multimedia. Working to help contribute to the often unseen or unheard voice of Native People, he has created numerous short films, Short Documentary, Service announcements and animation projects. Working with tribal communities and youth, his efforts are to raise awareness and promote skills which our people can take and begin sharing their stories to the world.


Sage Andrew Romero


Lanaiya Lambert, Robert Piper Jr., Braydee Momberg, Richie Talavera, Tolly Momberg, Sage Andrew Romero


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Saturday, November 12

Program Three 

Screening: 11:00am to 12:45pm

Lumiere Music Hall

9036 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


RNCI Alumni

Sage Andrew Romero

Doc Short “Woven Hoops’ RNIFF ‘Official Selection’ and RNCI Red Nation Award nominee 2021.

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