WORLD Premiere
1:29 m / Doc Feature / U.S.A.

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Laemmle Music Hall | 7:00pm – 10:00pm| On the Red is Green Carpet Event (arrivals 6:00pm)

with doc short Sacheen: Breaking the Silence

A matriarchal society upended by centuries of genocide and colonialism has disenfranchised the Lakota women and simultaneously reinforced their roles as the backbones of their communities and the keepers of their people’s ancient wisdom. These are the powerfully rich stories of the brave women and children living in one of the poorest places in the United States.

With exclusive access to these women’s lives over a period of three months, we recorded their stories as they re-lived some of their most traumatic experiences and let us into their daily life experiences. Along this journey, we learnt how it all came to be and heard their hopes for a brighter future. The results are honest, heart-breaking, beautiful and indispensably pertinent to understanding the world in which we live in today.

Director: Deborah Anderson
Screenwriters: Deborah Anderson, Charlotte Chatton
Producers: Deborah Anderson, Adam Schomer, Kumiko Hayashi

Narrated by:  Rita Coolidge

Includes a post screening Q&A with the director and cast Sunrose Iron Shell, Sharon Fool Bull, Julie Richards, Naomi Last Horse, Delacina Chief Eagle, Vandee khalsa Swiftbird 

Director (s)

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/WRITER – DEBORAH ANDERSON’s photographic work has graced the covers of pop music albums and magazines, the walls of landmark hotels and private homes worldwide with an expansive clientele. Her photographic work has hung in galleries both in Europe and the US and currently the world class Leica Galleries are hosting shows globally for this project. Deborah’s first feature documentary film project “AROUSED” included a fine art photographic book featuring 16 world renowned female adult film stars. The film was theatrically released reaching #3 on iTunes documentary most viewed list and is currently featured on Showtime and Amazon. She has created short films for various artists including award winning writer and activist Eve Ensler for her One Billion Rising organization ” MY REVOLUTION” featuring actress Rosario Dawson. Poet, Gina Loring, collaborated on the short film “WALKING PRAYERS” that went viral and was featured in the New York Times.

Director Statement

The intention of this film is to shine a light on our Native sisters and to include their voices in this current wave of global Women’s resistance. To inspire the next generation of Native Americans to remember who they are and utilize their own ancient wisdom in the much needed healing of their communities. To gift non Native people an opportunity to learn from this beautiful and powerful culture and confront the forces that perpetuate inequality and historical racism which keep us separated from one another.

As they say in Lakota, Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ, “We are all related

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