Red Nation Celebration Institute [RNCI] has built a strong reputation worldwide for honesty and integrity by consistently operating with high standards.

Preserving the trust of our stakeholders is the responsibility of every individual associated with our organization. This Code of Conduct outlines the common values and commitment needed to promote the highest possible standards of professional business acumen. RNCI administers its business through core values of integrity, trust, diversity, partnership, and performance.

By adopting and enforcing this Code, along with Private Policy, Non-Discrimination Policy and No Fraud Policy,  RNCI  seeks to maintain and enhance our reputation and that of our participants and industry.


Traditional Tongva Elder Julia Bogany, Red Nation Celebration Institute Board of Directors member, advised to forward this message to the public – for public knowledge.

People always ask whats it like to run the longest standing American Indian & Indigenous multidisciplinary educational Arts & Culture 501 (c)(3) non-profit enterprise in Los Angeles, first launched in Santa Fe NM during Indian Market in 1995.

Its been simple but not easy, being the ‘FIRST’ at ground-breaking film festival (s), projects, programs, online streaming TV network, to founding the American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles, is rewarding yet it has its moments. Natives in Charge of their Narrative at the forefront of the entertainment industry has been our goal in challenging the entertainment industry to see us, hear us, experience us in all media platforms. 

Our founder has been a curator of film for 42 years, and award-winning director, first native to be short-listed for an Oscar, an actor and a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. 

It has come to our attention that an organization has plagiarized our work! Should any funders or allies be supporting this organization then you are complicit in this activity in knowing the truth.

A Los Angeles City official in 2016 begin supporting this organization, in plagiarizing the tireless hard work of Red Nation Celebration Institute | Red Nation International Film Festival, now in its 25th year, this city official and his team and the organization that they support have practiced unfair business advance, some forms of acts of fraud, misrepresentation, oppressive and unethical wrong-doings.

This act of wrongful-doings lead by City official has resulted in defamation of character, discrimination, hate, gaslighting, tortious interference with business prospective, in trying to gain access to further the career (s) of this city official and the organization that this city official supports within the Native communities in Los Angeles, and the entertainment industry.

Truth aways comes out in public eventually and that time is NOW! We are storytellers, our visions are sacred and when one is given this gift from creator, blessed in ceremony, it is to be cared for and treated with respect and protected for all Native Nations. This is historical wisdom, which is why we are still here.

Tongva Acknowledgement | Revised June 2018


The Indigenous people 

The Traditional caretakers of this landscape are the direct descendants of the First People who formed our lands, our worlds during Creation time.

We have always been here.

They prepared and became the landscape and worlds for the coming of humans with order/knowledge and Gifts embedded in the landscape.

From our ancestors, we were imbued the responsibility and obligation to our original instructions, guided by protocol and etiquette;

To be a part of, take care of and ensure the welfare of the extended family and community;

Defined in its most inclusive expression, the NATURE

And to pass on those teachings and responsibilities onto our children and grand children

(And to all those that now live here). 


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