Meet The Team


Joanelle Romero

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Content Officer Red Nation Television Network

Producing Director, Red Nation Celebration Institute, Red Nation International Film Festival-Programming, Native Women in Film & Television All Media Meet Red Nation celebration institute Board of Directors


Jamie Parreno

Director of Communications and Social Media

Imal Wagner

Public Relations

Tim Hall

Marketing Designer

Gabriel Spaulding

Festival Editor

Joely Fisher, Frances Fisher, Georgia Lightning, Susan Masten

Awards Committee


Tim Howard, Lupe Lopez

Team Red Nation

Erick Weiss / Honeysweet Creative Inc

Awards Production Team


Jason Mares

Executive Director Technology Programme

Māris Švirksts

Managing Coordinator of Technology

Sinead Santich

Chief Content Editor

Michael Kramer and Brendan OC

Chief Video Production Crew/Editors

Positions Open

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